Working Behind the Scenes at the “KALANI” series

Directing, Editing and Shooting the “Kalani series” was absolutely life changing. After hardship, I came to Hawaii and wound up performing at a few festivals at the well-known ecstatic dance venue ‘Kalani”.

The lovely owners took me in and I got to reside at the non-profit organisation and direct a film-crew. After 3 festivals and weekly dances, workshops , shows… etc… the world went into pandemic and I was unable to shoot the ecstatic dance. On a broken toe, I biked around the 100 + acre estate and was able to piece together promotional material using whatever footage I had. The community self organised using a “slack” app platform and began hosting it’s own workshops, theatre, suppers, mask making workshops, etc. The permaculture team organised to create new gardens and to bring wild-foraged fruit and food from the gardens to the commercial kitchen where it was distributed amongst tribe.

It was a life changing experience. I am eternally grateful for the beauties of Kalani and for giving me a chance to showcase my talents.

I was honoured to work with the likes of Kenny Sevilla, a talented videographer who inspired me to create my own film company shortly after the trip.